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This is the webshop for whatever stuff Rune Ryberg would like to sell to YOU!

Rune Ryberg (1979) works with both comics and animation films, writing stories and developing concepts.


Runes artistic style is a color saturated quirky, skewed and rumpled impression of dynamic movement and expression. In 2014 he made his debut as a comic artist with Gigant, now published in USA, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Rune graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop, Denmark (2008) and has since worked on several film and tv productions.


Gigant is published at AdHouse Books, go get it: www.adhousebooks.com


Buy the comicbook Gigant (in Danish or Swedish) at Forlæns: www.forlaens.dk

It is also available in Finnish: www.kumiorava.fi

Winner of PING prisen 2015 for Gigant in the category "Best Children's / Youth Comic Book".

He's got a website as well: www.runeryberg.com

And a Tumblr: www.runeryberg.tumblr.com


There's even a facebook page for Gigant: www.facebook.com/gigant.comic